Myla Golberg and the Decemberists

The Decemberists – Song For Myla Goldberg Lyrics

For those of us not hip to the names of failed Russian revolutionary movements, check out this Wikipedia article or skip it and believe me when I tell you that the name was given to group of officers commanding about 3,000 men assembled in Senate Square, where they “refused to swear allegiance to the new tsar, Nicholas I, proclaiming instead their loyalty to the idea of a Russian constitution. They expected to be joined by the rest of the troops stationed in St. Petersburg, but they were disappointed. Nicholas spent the day gathering a military force, and then attacked with artillery. With the firing of the artillery came the end of the revolt in the north.” I can’t find the reference but I’m pretty sure that Milan Kundera refers to the Decemberists in his book, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which I am, frankly, afraid to reread now, having read so much recent criticism of Kundera’s supposed misogyny. I don’t think I could bear it if it’s true. My early love of Phillip Roth has been irrevocably tainted by rereading, I can’t lose Kundera. What about you guys? Thoughts on the Russian Revolution, bands from Portland Oregon, Bee Season or songs that mention writers? Oo er. I’ve had a brilliant idea. I just picked up some signed copies of Honoree Jeffer’s Gospel of Barbeque and Outlandish Blues. I had thought that I would parcel them out to people I particularly love and think worthy of Ms. Jeffers but perhaps if readership picks up I’ll sponsor a “best response” contest and send one to the lucky winner. What do you think?

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