The Fat Lady Sang

Another year done gone by.  I want to do justice to how kick ass in all ways this year’s Literary Connection was, and that might take me some time.  I would love to hear from other folks that attended.  What did you think?  What did you like best?  What did you think of the addition of the singer/songwriter, Jeff Bullock, to the program?  I should probably clarify that rather than well intentioned, constructive criticism, I am looking for people to wallow, just a few moments longer, in the sustained joy that listening to Kim Addonizio’s brave a tremulous singing, or Myla Goldberg making the noise that the pneumatic tube  made when it delivered her unexpected trove of Naval newspapers from 1918 into her hands.  And the list goes on.

I will write this up better, soon.  Until then, what about you?

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Countdown begins

I apologize for being a bad blogger.  There has been heaps happening and I haven’t kept you caught up.  The nicest surprise was the great turnout for “the Poet’s Companion,” discussion at City News.  It was a diverse mix of people: students, kids, retirees, folks who had the love of poetry kicked out of them when they were kids and kids who wrote and read their own poetry fearlessly.  It was a nice day.

So tomorrow, out at LCCC is the workshop with Shacochis and Bullock.  Please note I have refrained from making any obvious Sex Pistol references, for now.   David Romtvedt, our poet Laureate will also be attending and I don’t want to get everyone all het up for naught, but I am hoping that David brings his accordian, Bullock a banjo and Shacochis brings some radical Sage Francis- style wordsmith rapping into play.  This, reader, is how I get my heart broken; expecting too much.  It is worth noting that in addition to writing some kick ass books of poetry, David is also in the band the Fireants.  I went looking for a mp3 or video clip of the band but came up with nothing.  That’s not true, I came upon a band named the Fire Ants that have an album titled, “Indian Transvestite.”  Imagine my chagrin.

Saturday at 10:30 is the big, big event.  As always I am going to practice deep breathing and repeat my steadying mantra, “you will not get kicked out of this event for inappropriately touching the guests.” Say it with me.  The closest I’ve ever come to breaking this rule is the year Honoree Jeffers was here and in fairness to me, she was wearing a very sparkly gold shirt that anyone in their right mind would have wanted to caress.  While muttering how sublime you found her poetry…

I am feeling like a lucky, lucky duck to be surrounded by such world class literary stars in good old Cheyenne. I hope to see you all there.  I’ll be the idiot grinning like the Cheshire cat and trying to look casual, by turns.

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Let’s go on a Date

While it probably doesn’t need to be pointed out, I am new to the world of blogging and computer programming. That’s really no good excuse for not posting the dates of the book discussions that we are ostensibly here to discuss, but there it is. Here for your edification are the dates and locations of our book discussions. The time for all of them is 2 pm. Sharp. Oh, who are we kidding? 2 pm-ish.

3/3: “Tell Me” by Kim Addonizio

3/24: “The Immaculate Invasion” by Bob Shacochis

4/14: “Bee Season” by Myla Goldberg

City News:
2/11/07 Wickett’s Remedy ” by Myla Goldberg

3/4/07 Creatures of Habit by Jill McCorkle

4/1/07 The Poet’s Companion by Kim Addonizio

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Links to Author Interviews

Clicking on the author’s name below will take you to an interview with that author. I found Myla Goldberg’s particularly interesting since she professes the same philosophy of writing and working that Mark Spragg shared with the Literary Connection three years ago, and I’ve not heard it from any other writers. Let me know what you think.


Myla Goldberg

Kim Addonizio

Jeff Hawthorne Bullock

Jill McCorkle

Bob Shacochis

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